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The King of Fighters 2000 - Kula Diamond - 1/8 (Epoch)
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04/2001 As Standard
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If someone is selling her for a decent price, please pm me.
Thanks :)
Vor 6 Jahren
Received mine today. her face isn´t beautiful, but is reasonable...body and base is amazing.
Vor 8 Jahren
Got her a few years back and really like her, except for the face of course but oh well. One word of warning be very careful not to lift her from her arm like I did. I ended up snapping it off... but luckily was able to glue it back on. So handle it from the torso only!
Vor 9 Jahren
Had this figure for a while and i really like it on it's own merits. It's true that, clothing aside, Kula Diamond looks nothing like this, but us Kula fans are not exactly spoiled for choice.
Vor 10 Jahren
Managed to find this on eBay for $75. it's not a bootleg so I think the seller just didn't realize what they could get for it.... unfortunately even with the padding her head was broken off upon arrival and her collar had a couple of pieces broken off as well. :( Fixed with superglue but the paint job got kind of messed up around the neck from the glue

Even so, it's a badass figure (even though her eyes are lopsided) with the most amazing, heaviest base I have ever seen lol.
Vor 11 Jahren
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