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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

Touken Ranbu - Online - Kasen Kanesada - Nendoroid Petit - Nendoroid Petit: Touken Ranbu -Online- 1st Squad (Orange Rouge)Touken Ranbu - Online - Kasen Kanesada - Nendoroid Petit - Nendoroid Petit: Touken Ranbu -Online- 1st Squad (Orange Rouge)

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2nd Shipment ● animate/Gamers Preorder Bonus
Special Nendoroid Petite Bases (Sword Emblem/Black)

1st Shipment Goodsmile Online Shop Pre-Order Bonus
・Special Nendoroid Petite Bases (Sword Emblem/Gold) PICTURE #1393730

Orders via Good Smile online Shop can be placed between the 16th October 2015 (Fri) from 12:00JST until the 11th November 2015 (Wed) at 21:00JST.

Purchasing a box of six figures will include a special Background Sheet to display behind your Nendoroid Petites! PICTURE #1393741


In stock @ Neokyo
Buy on Japanese marketplaces through Neokyo: neokyo.com/sear...
¥0 service fee until April 15th!
Selling complete set for $65 with free shipping. Includes bonus GSC bases. USA only. PM me for more info SOLD
Vor 3 Monaten
Selling complete set new with GSC bonus here: SALE #166548 SOLD OUT
Vor 4 Monaten
Selling: CLASSIFIED #164630, please check out the rest of my shop :D
Vor 5 Monaten
Will be giving up my PO when released. Please let me know if you are interested.
Vor 7 Monaten
Selling, comes with limited base. PM if interested.
Vor 10 Monaten
Selling him US$5 opened and displayed with box. Limited and regular bases. Shipping from NZ. Please PM me if you are interested! sold
Vor 1 Jahr
Selling complete set with GSC Online Shop bonus item for 60€
PM me if interested, all new in boxes: PICTURE #1823733
Vor 1 Jahr
Yukina1987 (Vor 2 Jahren) #13569261Selling complete set with bonus, if interested please contact me.
Vor 1 Jahr
Selling SALE #115771 with GSC bonus - thanks for checking! Other TR figures for sale as well - check my shop :) SOLD
Vor 2 Jahren
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