DRAMAtical Murder - Clear - Picktam! - Picktam! DRAMAtical Murder (Good Smile Company)DRAMAtical Murder - Clear - Picktam! - Picktam! DRAMAtical Murder (Good Smile Company)¥ Kaufen¥ Kaufen

DRAMAtical Murder - Clear - Picktam! - Picktam! DRAMAtical Murder (Good Smile Company)
Maßstab & Abmessungen
H=45mm (1.76in)
Erscheinungs Daten
11/25/2014 As Standard
11/08/2014 As Limited + Exclusive
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Looking for one of these, please message me if you have one to sell!
Vor 4 Jahren
mirrorcle_world ✿ baka neko ✿
Selling for $7+ shipping and pp fees. Strap has been displayed but in great condition. PM if interested! sold
Vor 5 Jahren
Selling on ebay!

Vor 5 Jahren
*sigh*...I have to cancel this from HLJ..I can't afford it..hope I will buy them of these in box in next year.. :c I love to get new/sealed Clear with it's box.. ;w; [I never have Picktam before..]
Vor 5 Jahren
Full box on preorder @ Ixu's deviance for 26.60€

The box can be splitted.
Vor 6 Jahren
Kinda disappointed they didn't make a gas mask face. I don't know how they would have made it look right, but it would have been cool to switch to other Picktams, as well.
Vor 6 Jahren
Kinkslinks The Ultimate Noiz Lover
TokitokiiVor 6 Jahren#2357765If you want it pm me i have one available =)
?? How, he's not released yet? But I would be very interested :D
I actually just preordered two sets :p
Vor 6 Jahren
Vor 6 Jahren
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