Ikki Tousen - Chouun Shiryuu - 1/6 (BEAT, Wani)Ikki Tousen - Chouun Shiryuu - 1/6 (BEAT, Wani)¥ Kaufen¥ Kaufen

Ikki Tousen - Chouun Shiryuu - 1/6 (BEAT, Wani)
Maßstab & Abmessungen
Erscheinungs Datum
03/2010 As Limited + Exclusive



Mail order.


i get her from a japan auction, i reveiver her as new in some weeks, i will take pictures when i reveice her, i love the style of this Shiryuu
Vor 2 Jahren
Anyone selling her?
Vor 3 Jahren
Vor 7 Jahren
[EDIT] Message deleted.
Vor 8 Jahren
Will also throw in the Comic for this figure that came separate.

Sold! 8Þ
Vor 9 Jahren
Selling mine for 79.99 dollars or best offer.

Sold! 8Þ
Vor 9 Jahren
Haven't checked this one in a while, but thanks for the pics and info on the release. Looks like yet another Beat release where the photos and final figure look almost completely different. They need to find a factory that knows how to paint figures well.
Vor 10 Jahren
You didn't miss much, disappointed with her... just like basically every Beat figure I ever bought. I'm going to avoid Beat figures from now on.
Vor 10 Jahren
She was only available for order from the Comic Gum site, and orders closed in December last year. Oh well!
Vor 10 Jahren
Does anyone knows where I can order her?
Vor 10 Jahren