Mame Sengoku Basara - Date Masamune - Trading Figures Mame Sengoku BASARA Plus - Secret (Capcom)Mame Sengoku Basara - Date Masamune - Trading Figures Mame Sengoku BASARA Plus - Secret (Capcom)¥ Kaufen¥ Kaufen

Mame Sengoku Basara - Date Masamune - Trading Figures Mame Sengoku BASARA Plus - Secret (Capcom)
Maßstab & Abmessungen
H=60mm (2.34in)
Erscheinungs Datum
07/30/2014 As Standard
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I'm missing Yukimura only because my box had 2 Mori's. Please PM me if selling/ trading for Yukimura

Apparently there's a disclaimer for this set: 1BOXで全てそろわない場合があります。
Vor 4 Jahren
Selling the whole box for $60 + S&H. PM if your interested! CX
Vor 5 Jahren
I hope I can buy him after the release... I cannot afford to buy the set again just for 1 figure.
but on the other side he would be a nice birthday present in August °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °
Vor 6 Jahren
roronoa_zoro69Vor 6 Jahren#2113415Since i joined MFC i started to buy more series and more stuff when before i was just collecting One Piece and KHR lol
I never have enough of buying now, i want more of them ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

I am kinda relieved that there are LOT of people who are spending way too much on anime stuff and it is a common disease LOL! I have bought more than 100 figures within 6 month... and yesss I started to collect figures because of One Piece,my first real figure was this Sanji ITEM #18936.
I cannot stop now.... aaah and I never wanted to collect plushes and because of Masamune I broke my own rule and I already ordered him... this is no good because then I will buy Yukimura also and then Sakon and then .... .. . then I won't have enough money for food again LOL
but this makes me happy so why the hell not to buy what I like? °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °
(10-15 years ago wasn't that much anime stuff available anyway so now we can enjoy the good sides of the globalisation)
Vor 6 Jahren
roronoa_zoro69Vor 6 Jahren#2110470Yeah i forgot about SB3 lol
Yeah btw Gift released many goods today, i caved in and took few of them orz

LOL... before it was easy for me not to buy stuff because I simply did not know about them. 6 months ago I joined MFC and nowdays all my money goes to figures and merchandise (instead of the usual manga/doujinshi/cosplay).

I just bought the original set from Plamoya because I couldn't find it anywhere else and now we have a reissue with a Masamune I do love.. . uhh. . I will be overpaying for this figure for sure but who cares, it's cool!
Vor 6 Jahren
roronoa_zoro69Vor 6 Jahren#2109575That's good then :D
even though i would have wished somehow a set with Sakon and other characters but it's Mame sengoku basara i don't know if they somehow turned them in mame chibi size...

Well, they surely will be included in the new manga serialization of Mame Basara, as well as the other SB4 newcomers. But as you can see, they're making NOW stuff for SB3, so...I think we should wait a lot before seeing them turned into figures XD
Vor 6 Jahren
roronoa_zoro69Vor 6 Jahren#2108421Sad they have made just a release of the same character and put 2 new different characters, good thing i didn't bought the first version, you can just wait to get them separately?

Well in the end I've ordered the entire set, but I've asked on FB if some of my friends were interested in the doubles of this set, and I've already found someone who'll buy them *u*
Vor 6 Jahren
Splitting this box here~ club/618/discus...
Vor 6 Jahren
WHAT?!?!?!? A reissue of the first set but with a different secret Masamune and Mitsunari??? Oh gosh, thought it's a waste, they put the alternate costumes that I really love Q_Q sigh, must have it....
Vor 6 Jahren
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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