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Mine smelled like smoke like he arrived, and his eyes were all yellowed... ;_;

Luckily I was able to wash him gently with some soap and water and it got rid of the dirty yellow look to his eyes as well as all the layers of dust/particles, with only a little damage done to his eye. You can only feel it, not really see it. It lost its felt texture where I was working at it.

Anyway, he still smells a bit though, and his feet look like they were repainted since the material isn't shiny. But I'm glad to have him!
Vor 4 Jahren
Got him!!!

They were selling Hisoka, Gon, and Leorio too, but I really just needed Kurapika.
Vor 4 Jahren
Made in 2001, set of 5: Leorio, Kurapika, Gon, Killua, Hisoka.

Why can't I add my own pictures to this entry?
Vor 8 Jahren
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