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GOOD SMILE Racing - Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Racing 2014 (Good Smile Company)GOOD SMILE Racing - Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Racing 2014 (Good Smile Company)



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Lex_Linn (Vor 4 Jahren) #2440578They need to limit number of Miku in top of Fire Items.If you're talking about MFC, then why would they do that? That's messing with the ranking of items. If Miku is popular, then she's popular. Same with Saber and Sonico. It's just how it is.
Vor 4 Jahren
Even if it was 'slutty' (which in terms of a facial expression would really just mean a seductive look ANYWAY) it makes me sad every time someone talks about slutty as a bad thing.

"Slutty" when used negatively is usually just a word used by people who are uncomfortable with any expression of sexuality :/

I agree with Poyanyo, I think this figure's expression looks devious/sly most of all. Like she's plotting something. But I don't see what would be so awful about a seductive expression... Lots of Miku figures look very innocent so this kind of a change is nice, as would be a more seductive/mature look. I like variety.

(Also, Bloody, do not order from Nin-Nin Game as they've been shown to be scammers in the past.)
Vor 3 Jahren
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