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Sword Art Online - Asuna - 1/4 - Bunny Girl (Tekkoryuu)
Maßstab & Abmessungen
Erscheinungs Datum
07/28/2013 As Limited



Wonder Festival 2013 [Summer]


kilani Sayaka Rank
I wish Freeing would do their bunnies more like this, with outfits inspired by the character's.
Vor 3 Jahren
I want this kit so bad!!! :'(
Vor 3 Jahren
take123 Bunny Farm
I wish E2046 can get it in stock so I can build one.
Vor 4 Jahren
xTAZORx Diane Lover
Someone who knows where can I get this GK? It was listed on E2046, but never came out..
Vor 5 Jahren
ComplexCRUSH ☩Knight's of the Blood☩
I would literally buy this and pay someone to paint it for me if I knew a good enough GK artist well enough.
Vor 6 Jahren
at first i thought it was someone from another show xD
Vor 7 Jahren
Mikaino Going to Gencon!
I really dislike her legs.. they look like they're going to pop off with how tight those stockings are...
Buuut I think this should still be made into a PVC -w-;;
Vor 7 Jahren
KataraVor 7 Jahren#1630630Garage Kit fuuu Q_Q
So sad ç_ç
Vor 7 Jahren
Garage Kit fuuu Q_Q
Vor 7 Jahren
Her head looks oversized.
Vor 7 Jahren