Little Busters! - Noumi Kudryavka - Dakimakura Cover (Ascii Media Works)Little Busters! - Noumi Kudryavka - Dakimakura Cover (Ascii Media Works)¥ Kaufen¥ Kaufen

Little Busters! - Noumi Kudryavka - Dakimakura Cover (Ascii Media Works)
Erscheinungs Datum
04/19/2013 As Exclusive



Dengeki G`s Festival Magazine exclusive (Vol. 32)


dokidoki azusa girl
need this cutie <33
Vor 5 Jahren
she finally arrived today, i was so incredibly excited opening the package<3 she's so gorgeous and i'm happy as hell to finally own her
Vor 5 Jahren
FINALLY...... after searching for a year++++++ i have finally found her for $40 new ; W ;;;;; i'm so happy
Vor 5 Jahren
if anyone is selling this or wants to sell it or found someone who is selling it pls pm me! i've been looking for her everywhere ;n;
Vor 6 Jahren
does anyone know where i could find this for a reasonable price? ;~;
Vor 7 Jahren
Stalking Loli hunter
The fang!! She has the fannng!! ;A; SO CUUUTE
Vor 7 Jahren
hipozaurus is trying her best!
Arrived today, it looks so nice :3 Material is also okay, nice surprise for this price~
Vor 7 Jahren
OM... that dakimakura... I can't resist... ordered♥
Vor 7 Jahren
i hope this daki isn't made of the same material as the one in her gym uniform that came out some time back.. ;_; *crosses fingers*
Vor 7 Jahren
AndreZolwe was Kero-chan previously
I know it's still kinda early, but I was wondering... is there anyone here that's getting the Dengeki magazine -just- for the Kud dakimakura, and is willing to sell me Komari? I really want her, since I already have the other two Bath Together figures, but I can't possibly justify spending 4500 yen plus shipping on such a tiny figure, a magazine I can't read and a dakimakura I don't really like~ ;u;
If someone is willing to do that for me, I'll be forever grateful! ><
Vor 7 Jahren