Hyakka Ryouran - Gotou Matabei - 1/8 (Alter, Hobby Japan)Hyakka Ryouran - Gotou Matabei - 1/8 (Alter, Hobby Japan)¥ Kaufen¥ Kaufen

Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
Hyakka Ryouran - Gotou Matabei - 1/8 (Alter, Hobby Japan)
Maßstab & Abmessungen
1/8  H=300mm (11.7in, 1:1=2.4m)
Erscheinungs Datum
06/17/2011 As Exclusive



Hobby Japan Magazine mail order exclusive (HJM Issue 2011/01 and 2011/02) comes with Sarutobi Sasuke


Brand new factory sealed usd 120. Free international shipping, no paypal fees. Pm me.
Vor 7 Monaten
PM me. Selling now. Check my other Hyakka Ryouren list in profile as well.
Vor 8 Monaten
selling her, pm me, aus seller
Vor 11 Monaten
Vor 1 Jahr
Still looking to buy her
Vor 1 Jahr
Hopefully can find this one~
Vor 2 Jahren
Vor 2 Jahren
i'm looking for this figure, pm me please, thanks.
Vor 3 Jahren
Vor 3 Jahren
What happened to these Hyakka Figures? This figure cost me 150€ in total in B-state like 2 years ago on AmiAmi and it was like really hard to snipe these, and now theres 5 of them for freaking 4k yen.
Vor 3 Jahren