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Nendoroid Complete File (Hobby Japan)
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Comes with the bonus - Nendoroid Saber in casual wear ITEM #42050


I'm selling this book if anybody wants it! PM me with offers. It's in mint condition, I just got it recently and the box had been shrink-wrap sealed before I opened it.
Vor 3 Jahren
Decided to sell my full set, PM for details. Sale list: LIST #6423
Vor 4 Jahren
Selling mine for $15. Contact me if you're interested!
Vor 6 Jahren
Zaken_salomoVor 8 Jahren#1090519it's worth to buy.. i hope they make some figma's complete file too, with some bundle figma.. (hope it was ARCHER)

This comment it describes all my wants!
Vor 7 Jahren
Shinigamiyoko heart reinforce
Got it yesterday for 25% off from Kinokuniya Bookstore.
The book is a nice reference if you're collecting various faceplates or if you're like me and you really like seeing nendos that you can't afford.
Saber is really cute too! For some reason, I just adore that small bowl she comes with~
Vor 8 Jahren
Just browsed through it. Kind of disappointed that not every nendo gets a section (I didn't see any of the Death Note characters), but otherwise I'm pretty satisfied.
Vor 8 Jahren
AlphaUltimaVor 8 Jahren#1008055anyone that has it already: how far does the catalogue go to?

It goes till No.247, but it has other stuff in it as well.
Interviews, repair guide, and etc...
Vor 8 Jahren
got the book by itself ~

its pretty standard nothing super special
Vor 8 Jahren
anyone that has it already: how far does the catalogue go to?
Vor 8 Jahren
JitterroVor 8 Jahren#1003119Pretty sure I'm one of maybe five people who are getting this for the book and not the nendo...

You ain't the only person.
I actually got this for the book, and treated the nendo as a bonus.
Vor 8 Jahren
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