Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann - Yoko Littner - Ichiban Kuji (Banpresto)Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann - Yoko Littner - Ichiban Kuji (Banpresto)¥ Kaufen¥ Kaufen

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Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann - Yoko Littner - Ichiban Kuji (Banpresto)
Maßstab & Abmessungen
H=250mm (9.75in)
Erscheinungs Datum
05/2009 As Prize
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Ichiban Kuji Gurren Lagann Premium Set - B Prize


Looking to sell this figure here in the states, anybody interested?
Vor 2 Monaten
Looking for this figure, preferably in the EU. PM best offer and specify the condition.
Vor 4 Monaten
She is so beautiful I need her in my collection!!!!!...

I’m in love ... she just stole my heart ....
Vor 5 Monaten
Selling her on ebay!! .99 cent start!! Item #184135549122
Vor 6 Monaten
Selling her BNIB!! US please!! PM for the details!!
Vor 8 Monaten
Anybody selling in US? PM me if you are!

Even if this comment is months old, I'll still be wanting to buy this...
Vor 1 Jahr
Hi. If someone selling her please pm me.
Thank you very much.
Vor 1 Jahr
HikoHimeVor 2 Jahren#35365272Selling her for 35$ + Shipping
Very good Condition with Box
I ship worldwide from switzerland.
PM me if you are interested of her :)

Hi! Your message box is full. I already have all Yokos I need, thanks.
Vor 2 Jahren
Want to buy this figure. Sellers plz PM me. Thanks!
Vor 2 Jahren

Selling her on ebay now www.ebay.ch/itm...

the first gets the first! :)

Vor 2 Jahren