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Sakura NeneSakura Nene

Sakura Nene
Sakura Nene
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桜 ねね
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New Game!! - Sakura Nene - 1/7 - Mega Ryuushi Requiem Shoot ver. (Goretto)New Game! - Sakura Nene - Suzukaze Aoba (Goretto)



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Nene Sakura (桜ねね Sakura Nene?) is the childhood friend of Aoba Suzukaze. After beta testing Fairies Story 3, she took an interest in programming and eventually became an intern at Eagle Jump.

Nene is described as childish, selfish and a klutz by Aoba. She can't stay focused on the task given to her which is why she's often seen leaving her post. She is also an otaku and a fan of Faries Story Series.

In the spin-off, it states that Nene is desperately finding her purpose in life which is the reason why she attends college.
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