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A cute-looking animal that first appears from out of nowhere at the Formo Mall while Ranka is promoting her debut album, and then at Mihoshi Academy, running away from Sheryl and the rest of the school after having wrapped itself in Sheryl's panties. It is later on adopted by Ranka, who first discovers it at Griffith Park in Frontier City. Because it is illegal to keep unknown animals from newly contacted planets as pets (in cases where they may bear pathogens, or disrupt the delicate ecological balance of a colony ship), Ranka keeps Ai-kun in secrecy. One day, prior to Ranka's debut concert, Ai-kun disappears, and Ranka has her friend Nanase look for it. Asking for assistance, Nanase shows Luca an illustration of Ai-kun, which he later on identifies as a Vajra larvae. During the concert, Ai-kun undergoes a transformation and upon reuniting with Ranka, molts into a stage 2 Vajra. Ranka and Brera take Ai-kun and leave Island 1 to deliver it to the Vajra home planet.

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