Dr. Mao Nome
Dr. Mao Nome
Originaler Name
Dr. マオ・ノーム


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The Mayan sister of Sara Nome, who was also involved in the events of Macross Zero. Ozma Lee apparently knew her. In 2047, she was a scientist with a background researching Protoculture Civilization. "Dr. Mao" (as she is referred to the series) headed a project on board the 117th Long Distance Research Fleet to manage and prevent a Vajra-related disease (the V-Type infection) with Grace O'Connor and Ranshe Mei as her assistants. Dr. Mao is eventually revealed to have a granddaughter, who inherited her fold quartz earrings and is believed to be Sheryl Nome. She is presumed to have been killed during the destruction of the 117th fleet by the Vajra.

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