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Saya is a being from another dimension who materialized in this universe for the sole purpose of reproduction. She has no memories of where she came from and is guided only by her instincts. Due to Fuminori's condition, he perceives her as a lithe young girl in a white dress, but in actuality she is some sort of amorphous, tentacled, fleshy abomination that emits a putrid stench. She preys on creatures of all sizes, from cats to human beings, typically killing them by snapping their necks or disembowelment through some unknown means, and then feasting on their internal organs. Because Fuminori is madly in love with her, he gradually becomes a cannibal. Her true form is never fully revealed, as she immediately kills and consumes any third-party observers. The small amount of information regarding her actual form is gleaned entirely from in-game descriptions, which themselves are rather vague.

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