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Magna Carta - Reith - 1/6 (T's System)Magna Carta - Reith (Bandai)Magna Carta - Reith (tF21)Magna Carta - Reith - 1/6 (Cerberus Project)



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An amnesiac young woman that players meet after the failed use of the Forbidden Magic. She heals Calintz as she finds him unconscious on the cave floor. At first, after Calintz comes to, he thinks that she may be a Priestess from Amabat because of her healing abilities. Therefore, he takes her with him after promising that he would take care of her until she recovered her memory. From then on, she travels with him and the other members of the Tears of Blood. During their travels, many people are surprised by her lack of common sense, which is a result of the amnesia. She's always cheerful and speaks her mind directly. She hates fighting and will help anyone in need, without discriminating between humans and Yason. Her primary goal is to get her memory back. During the course of the game, she and Calintz seem to be developing feelings for each other. She is always sought after by the Yason, even by the Four Warriors themselves. It is later revealed that Reith is actually Amila the queen of the Yason who lost her memory protecting the Yason capital against the Alliance who used Forbidden Magic to attack the Yason directly. While she is travelling her sister, Serina, assumes the role of queen unbeknownst to any of the Yason. Due to the capture and assault on Calintz by the Light of Salvation, Amila/Reith uses the Magna Carta once more to protect Calintz at the cost of her life.

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