Fushigi Shoujo Nile Na ThutmoseFushigi Shoujo Nile Na Thutmose

Fushigi Shoujo Nile Na Thutmose
Fushigi Shoujo Nile Na Thutmose
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Mysterious girl of the nile Thutmose!


Fushigi Shoujo Nile Na Thutmose - Thutmose - 1/12 (Kotobukiya)



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"I want to fight beautifully, as long as the sun is in the sky. Mysterious Girl, Nile Tuthmose."

The work became topical because Sanae Horikawa, a graduate of Otome-juku played in it. Sanae Nakashima (Sanae Horikawa tells the tomb stone of her ancestor about her move to a new house, but then accidentally breaks it, and 51 Nile demons are released into the human world. After that, she transforms to the second generation Thutmose on the command of the first generation Thutmose, and is tasked to exterminate the demons.

It is a Fushigi Comedy of a girl who is granted the ability to change herself to Nile Tuthmose by her forefather, the first generation Thutmose, and transforms with a spell "Ibn Battuta, Scarab Rouge" to fight against 51 Nile demons.
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