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England (イギリス, Igirisu) is a main character in the anime and manga series, who represents both the United Kingdom and England. Axis Powers Hetalia/Hetalia: Axis Powers and is part of the Allied Forces. The English dub refers to him as Britain, a shortened and often informal way to refer to the United Kingdom. In 2008, Himaruya gave out human names to some of the characters and he received the name Arthur Kirkland (アーサー・カークランド, Āsā Kākurando).

He has short blond hair, green eyes, and dresses in a green military uniform. His eyebrows are rather thick and prominent, a trait that is shared by his younger brother Sealand, as well as Australia and Hong Kong.

England was formerly a great empire and pirate that tormented Spain, stripping his status as a powerful nation. In modern times, he claims to be a gentleman, though is cynical, sharp-tongued and prone to rough speech, and yearns for the golden years. He is noted as being horrible at cooking, which has caused America, his former charge, to have "bad" taste in food. England is also apparently the "king of losing things" and can be described as "spacey" because of his strong belief in magic, spirits, fairies, and other fantasy-related creatures. He has the ability to communicate with supernatural beings and is not limited to creatures from his homeland, being able to interact with various Japanese youkai and spirits. Despite this, England often ridicules America's belief in aliens, as well as America's alien friend, Tony. According to the author's notes, England's interests include embroidery, craftsmanship, reading literature, rock music, and giving scathing criticisms to America's movies.

He is also terrible with expressing himself and others often misunderstand him, so he can also be rather self-deprecating or tsundere. Behind his cynical, realistic view on the world, he is a romanticist. When drunk, his personality will change from that of a gentlemen to a bitter and violent delinquent.

It is mentioned that England has brothers representing Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, who hate him and used to drive him away with stones and arrows when he was a child. They even went as far as to mail curses to him.

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