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Futaba Aoi
Futaba Aoi
Originaler Name
二葉 あおい


Vividred Operation - Futaba Aoi - Isshiki Akane (Griffon Enterprises)Vividred Operation - Futaba Aoi - Beach Queens - 1/10 - Swimsuit ver. (Wave)Vividred Operation - Futaba Aoi (FuRyu)Vividred Operation - Futaba Aoi - CharaGumin - 1/7 (Volks)Vividred Operation - Futaba Aoi - 1/8 (Multi (chi))



Michairu - Vividred Operation - Futaba Aoi - Isshiki Akane - Comics - Doujinshi - Pieces (Junk Story)

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Aoi is Akane's classmate and best friend. She comes to Oshima from Blue Island for medical treatment. She is the daughter of a wealthy family, and her parents are often too busy to visit Oshima. She gains access to the Vivid System around the same time as Akane, her color being blue. Her main weapon is a rocket powered hammer known as the Naked Impact. When docked with Akane, they combine into Vivid Blue, possessing a powerful hammer several times the size of Aoi's Naked Impact. She was also able to use the Naked Rang as a jetpack after Akane was rendered unconscious by an Alone attack.
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