Lilith Aensland
Lilith Aensland
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Aratamaru - Vampire - Lilith Aensland - Morrigan Aensland - Q Bee - Comics - Doujinshi - NIGHT HEAD 6 (Circle Taihei-Tengoku)Kawakami Rokkaku - Takanashi Rei - Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire - Lilith Aensland - Morrigan Aensland - Comics - Doujinshi - Futana Lili Mori (Ajisaidenden)Shomu - Vampire - Lilith Aensland - Morrigan Aensland - Comics - Doujinshi - A lovely toy (Knuckle Head)

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Lilith is a succubus, like her sister, Morrigan. Lilith is the embodiment of excess evil power. Evil that was once part of Morrigan at the time of her birth, but was sealed by Berial the evil ruler, in order to protect Morrigan from unavoidable self-destruction caused by the uncontrollable nature of her superabundant power. After 300 years had passed, the evil power became a soul in the sealed dark, and an individual who watches over Morrigan. Jedah asked Lilith to cooperate with him in the collection of all the most valuable souls by worming his thoughts into her mind. "Finally, I can have my own body!" In no time at all, Lilith decides to aid Jedah in the making of his plan into a reality.

Source: FightersGeneration.com
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