Isshiki Akane
Isshiki Akane
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一色 あかね




Michairu - Vividred Operation - Isshiki Akane - Kuroki Rei - Comics - Doujinshi - Shiny (Junk Story)Michairu - Vividred Operation - Futaba Aoi - Isshiki Akane - Comics - Doujinshi - Pieces (Junk Story)Michairu - Vividred Operation - Isshiki Akane - Kuroki Rei - Comics - Doujinshi - Hearts (Junk Story)

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Akane is the main protagonist. She is a second-year in junior-high school who is living together with her little sister and grandfather in Izu Oshima. She works many part-time jobs to support her family in place of her mother and rides the world's only flying bike that was made by her grandfather. Bright, energetic, honest and very athletic, she does have an odd habit of putting mayonnaise on anything she eats. She is given the power to transform using the Vivid System, where she is adorned in red. Her main weapon is a boomerang called the Naked Rang. She has the ability to 'dock' with other Vivid users in order to become more powerful forms, activated by each girl kissing her on the forehead. She previously had a fear of heights following a factory explosion which killed her father and hospitalized her mother, but she overcame it in order to save Aoi.
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