Minegishi Ayano
Minegishi Ayano
Originaler Name
峰岸 あやの




Aizawa Mai - Mizuhara Kaoru - Lucky☆Star - Kusakabe Misao - Minegishi Ayano - Single - Character Song Vol.009 - Haikei Combi (Lantis)

Über uns

Ayano is Kagami's classmate and has been in the same class with Kagami for the past five years since middle school; she is a childhood friend of Misao, a young girl on the dream. She is passive and likes to take care of people, hence she is portrayed as a character that looks after Misao. Ayano holds back her long orange hair with a headband, but since her front hair is all pulled back, she is looked at as having a large forehead. She has blue eyes. Also, like Tsukasa, she can make excellent cookies.

Source : MyAnimelist.net
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