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Omega Force
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Omega Force (ω-Force) is a video game developing team in Koei. Their creation began during a time when Koei was well known for their historical or raising simulation titles; their primary focus on bringing action into their products is their trademark of entertainment for the company. While their early titles ventured different sub-divisions of the action genre, they are popularly known for their Warriors franchises.
The founding members of the group who remain in Koei today are Akihiro Suzuki and Kenichi Ogasawara.

According to Ogasawara, the name for the team began when the manager for the 4th software division wanted to name their team after the letter Z. However, there were disagreements regarding the presentation of the letter itself, which seemed a little too simple and has numerous readings in different cultures. Rather than take the last letter of the modern day alphabet, they instead turned to the Greek alphabet and took "omega" instead. If they left their name as Omega, however, it could conflict with the eponymous clock manufacturer. The later added Force is a Japanese homophone of the English pronunciation of "fourth" and an inside homage to the division itself. It also invokes a powerful image that the team wanted for themselves.

Ogasawara says their name figuratively means that they are "Koei's last weapon".
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