Arima Miyako
Arima Miyako
Originaler Name
有間 都古



Tsukihime - Arima Miyako (Sol International)


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Arima Miyako (有間 都古, Arima Miyako?) is a cousin of Tohno Shiki, as well as his other step sister. The Arima's are relatives to the Tohno family, but have very weak demon blood compared to them. She recieved a slight mention in Kagetsu Tohya and made her first real appearance in the Melty Blood fighting game series. When Shiki was adopted into the Arima family, Miyako became close to him, despite being several years younger than Shiki. She is annoyed at the lack of contact she has had since the events of Tsukihime, and attempts to 'rescue' him from the Tohno family in Melty Blood.

Although her martial arts are not that skilled, she gains amazing strength through Wallachia's influence in Melty Blood. She uses a form of Chinese kenpo, and her theme song(s?) reaffirms her connection to Chinese culture, both in name and in style. Her clothing in Melty Blood also resemble traditional Chinese dress.

Source : Type Moon Wiki
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