Fuwa Juzo
Fuwa Juzo
Originaler Name
腑破 十臓


Samurai Sentai Shinkenger - Fuwa Juzo - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)



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Fuwa Jūzō is a mysterious Gedounin, a half-Gedoushu that can freely exist in both realms and assume a human form. However, unlike other Gedounin who die out in a few years, Juzo endured over the centuries and thus is condemned with an insatiable urge to find an ideal opponent, a fellow samurai who strays from the teachings of bushidō, to clash blades with. As a result, Juzo believes his katana Uramasa (裏正, "Injustice") cries of sadness for an equal in battle.

Juzo is portrayed and voiced by 唐橋 充 Karahashi Mitsuru. His suit actor is 清家 利一 Seike Riichi.
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