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Nation's name: People's Republic of China
Capital: Beijing (Peking)
Language: Chinese
Nation's founding: 221 B.C.
Establishment of People's Republic: October 10th
National flower: Peony

Human name: 王耀 (Wong Yao)
Height: 169cm
Age: Roughly 4000 years old (he's pretty much at the level of a demi-god)

A nation that possesses a long history, a large territory, and the roots of Asian culture. He ends all of his sentences with "Aru." This is the japanese verb "to be/to exist", however it is the Japanese stereotype for a Chinese person's speech.
Ever since a long time ago, there has been a lot of disputes in the country that changed the nation, but the people are more or less the same.
His workers are quick to calculate the costs and benefits, and are straightforward in expressing their emotions.
Is also extremely superstitious and religious despite the times. Also, because his nation is well known for its variety of food, gets irritated and nags if there is food that has a pattern of tastes.
The current image is China = pandas, but at one time they were handled mostly by Europe and America as an UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal).

Source: MyAnimeList, myanimelist.net...
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