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Akashi YuunaAkashi Yuuna

Akashi Yuuna
Akashi Yuuna
Originaler Name
明石 裕奈



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Mahou Sensei Negima - Sasaki Makie - Akashi Yuuna - Izumi Ako - Ookouchi Akira - 9 Gatsu: Undoubu Nakayoshi 4 Ningumi (King Records)Mahou Sensei Negima - Ayase Yue - Asakura Kazumi - Akashi Yuuna - Aisaka Sayo - Izumi Ako - Ookouchi Akira - Opening Theme - Happy☆Material - #1 (King Records)

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Yūna Akashi is student number two in the class and an active member in the sports clubs. Her father is Professor Akashi, one of the Mage-teachers at the Academy, though until recently she knew nothing about the existence of magic. She is very close to her father to the point of feeling jealousy about other women, occasionally to the point of disturbing her classmates. She is capable of using magic-powered weapons even without the presence of ambient magic in her area. Yūna is among the group of students who secretly follow Negi and Ala Alba into the Magic World, but is separated from the group, along with Makie, after a battle between Negi and Fate Averruncus. She and Makie manage to find work, and eventually make their way to where Negi is located. She takes Negi's being a mage rather well, and as of late, the truth about her parents being Mages was revealed to her by Takane, which she also takes rather well. She also verifies this by performing a simple magic spell, one she recalls from her childhood. By Chapter 289, she has formed a pactio with Negi. In Negima!?, she is also a military buff.
Yūna's artifact is revealed in Chapter 291 as the "Iris Tulmentum" (Seven Prismatic Colored Gun), which takes the form of a pistol. The shots fired from her gun are highly powerful, and may also take different forms of ammunition. It is hinted that that gun might be the gun her mother used before she died.

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