Hanadera Nodoka
Hanadera Nodoka
Originaler Name
花寺 のどか


Healin' Good Precure - Cure Grace - Hanadera Nodoka - PreCoorde Doll (Bandai)Healin' Good Precure - Hanadera Nodoka - Bandai Shokugan - Candy Toy - Cutie Figure - Healin' Good Pretty Cure Cutie Figure 2 (Bandai)Healin' Good Precure - Hanadera Nodoka - PreCoorde House - Elevator no aru Ookina Precure no Ouchi (Bandai)



Über uns

Nodoka is a second year middle school student who just moved to Sukoyaka City. She's very calm and goes at her own pace, and strives to try many different things, but doesn't have the athletic ability to accomplish most of them. Above all this, she has a very kind heart and just wants to be of use to someone. When impressed, she often says "Woah~" (「ふわあ~」?). Together with Rabirin, Nodoka can transform into the Pretty Cure of Flowers, Cure Grace (キュアグレース?).
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