Ayashii Klug
Ayashii Klug
Originaler Name
Auch bekannt als?
Strange Klug
Possessed Klug



Puyo Puyo - Ayashii Klug - Ball Pen (Seasonal Plants)


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Strange Klug (also translated as Possessed Klug in Puyo Puyo Champions) is an alternate form of Klug, specifically the form he took after he became possessed by the book he constantly carries around with him in Puyo Puyo Fever 2. The book contained the evil parts of a demon whose remains became Sig.

He was sealed in Klug's book because he was supposedly dangerous. However, his power is questionable, because he was sealed half in jest. He could easily be unsealed from the book using three items Lemres coincidentally happened to be delivering to Accord for safe keeping.
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