Miura Ito
Miura Ito
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三浦 糸
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Ito Miura




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A 17-year-old tomboy, Ito is the only girl in a family with three brothers and her father. She started wearing boys' clothes, as well as adopting a boyish haircut, after her mother was killed in a car accident when she was six. In volume 10, she explains she did so to avoid needing her brothers' protection from the bullying of a classmate named Jotaro. Ito is idolized by many girls at school, and she is known for being mobbed on Valentine's Day despite being a girl. She is the female president of the school drama club. As an actor, Ito is more noted for her charisma and physical ability, rather than her considerable technical skills. She is rather headstrong and often reacts to situations without thinking things through. She is depicted as not being a good cook, although according to an author's note, she is good at "cooking for a crowd." When Ito discovers that Makoto is a boy, she decides to help him and eventually falls in love with him. As the series progresses, Ito starts adopting more feminine habits to be the perfect girl for Makoto, at first unconsciously but then consciously. She still however retains some of her boyish mannerisms, specifically her extrovert liveliness.
During the series, Ito has several admirers aside from Makoto. These include Toki-senpai, a former drama club member now in college, who wants Ito to be more feminine; Tsugumi-senpai, a year ahead of Ito, who is obsessed with Ito's boyish side, going so far as to call her "Ito-kun," using a primarily male suffix (see Japanese honorifics); and Sakamoto, a "masochist" who likes both Ito and Makoto. In volume 10, Ito meets Jotaro again and he confesses that he teased her because he liked her. Ito rejects him, as she had once liked him, telling him that she is already in love with someone else.
In volume 13 they audition for a troupe of actors. A key test is what they improvise for a situation: the test-actor comes home and finds a robber in his/her home. Makoto wraps a sash around his waist and performs it as a female ghost who invites the robber to eternal rest. Ito follows Makoto, and performs it as a guy, who belittles the robber as an amateur. Do you think you could rob a professional? Then proceeds to beat up the other actor, and gets out of hand and breaks the judges' table. When results are posted Makoto and the actor #12 are accepted. As Ito declares that she will audition with other troupes someone they know, Jotaro's father, comes up and congratulates both of them, both accepted. Ito had been accepted solely on the decision of director Igarashi, "Because you're an idiot!". Everyone agreed that nobody got into their role quite so much as Ito had, and that her skills can be polished.
Ito's name (糸) means "thread," which in the story comes from her father's wish for a name that is "slender and pretty" and her mother's wish for a name that "can be used to make something." Though Makoto's father considers her name a bad omen, as "a breaking thread," she considers it a blessing and a symbol of her creativity.
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