Blood+ -Final Piece-Blood+ -Final Piece-

Blood+ -Final Piece-
Blood+ -Final Piece-
Originaler Name
BLOOD+ 〜ファイナルピース〜 (最後のかけら)



Blood+ -Final Piece- - Hagi - Otonashi Saya - Mousepad (Sony Interactive Entertainment)


Blood+ -Final Piece- - PlayStation Portable Game (Sony Interactive Entertainment)

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Sony Entertainment released the PSP game Blood+: Final Piece (BLOOD+ 〜ファイナルピース〜) on September 7, 2006. It is an adventure role-playing video game that utilizes animated sequences from the series as well as new footage created specifically for the game. The game is set during the first season of the series, and features an original story in which Saya, joined by three friends from school, investigates the mystery of her father's disappearance.
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