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Dead MasterDead Master

Dead Master
Dead Master
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Kimarin - Ouma Tokiichi - Takashita Takashi - Black ★ Rock Shooter - Dead Master - Comics - Doujinshi - Dead Black (Shimoyakedow)

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Dead Master is a girl with wavy black hair and straight bangs, and neon green eyes.

Her outfit is similar to a simple Gothic lolita costume. She wears a black dress and a black bolero; her dress extends down to her thighs and is accented with a white ribbon attached to her waist. Dead Master also wears a pair of leggings and a pair of black pumps. She wears a pair of black gauntlets on each hand. On her head is a pair of long horns which resemble a pair of vertebrae with each tip made out of three tips joined at the end. Dead Master also has a pair of wings which sit low on her back, looking like a thick zigzag.

Her weapon of choice is a large scythe with an unusually-shaped blade and a long handle with vertebra-like detail.

Most of the time she is accompanied by two skulls, each with glowing eyes, nose and mouth.

Dead Master also has a 'human form' as shown in the pilot animation. She has green eyes and wavy dark hair.Her Human form is Called Takanashi Yomi,And is shown to be in the same class as Kuroi Mato

Source: blackrockshooter.wikia.com
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