Mahou x Senshi Magi Majo Pures!Mahou x Senshi Magi Majo Pures!

Mahou x Senshi Magi Majo Pures!
Mahou x Senshi Magi Majo Pures!
Originaler Name
魔法×戦士 マジマジョピュアーズ!
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Magical × Heroine Magimajo Pures!


Mahou x Senshi Magi Majo Pures! - Aino Momoka - Licca-chan - Licca Magimajo Pures! - Momoka Licca (Takara Tomy)



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In an attempt to conquer the world, the Nuisance World has stolen the Majoka Jewels (マジョカジュエル) and have corrupted each into an Akiramestone (あきらめストーン), which interferes with people's dreams and turns them into an Akiramest (アキラメスト).
Momoka, an ordinary middle school student, is summoned by Mokonyan, a fairy from the Magic World, to join Magic Warriors Rin and Mitsuki and stop the Nuisance World. Together, as Magimajo Pures, they purelize the Akiramests back into Majoka Jewels with magic.
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