Tayutama 2 -After Stories-Tayutama 2 -After Stories-

Tayutama 2 -After Stories-
Tayutama 2 -After Stories-
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タユタマ2-After Stories-
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Takachiho-shi Yakotami-chou is a particularly powerful spiritual spot where humans and Tayutai work hard to coexist in harmony. There is a festival there called the Jintaisai which started naturally from their mutual expressions of gratitude. The Tayutai would create a gift using their powers and give it to the one that the human that they live with and love; in return, the human would share his own spiritual energy with the Tayutai. However, there was an incident at this year’s festival. It was one that no one could’ve imagined.

Also contains after stories for the original Tayutama heroines.

Original source: Hau~ Omochikaeri!
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