ATM-09-LC Light ScopedogATM-09-LC Light Scopedog

ATM-09-LC Light Scopedog
ATM-09-LC Light Scopedog
Originaler Name
ATM-09-LC ライトスコープドッグ


Soukou Kihei VOTOMS - ATM-09-LC Light Scopedog - 1/35 - 35MAX AT-COLLECTION SERIES (Max Factory)



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One of the most notable features of the Melkian Federation's ATM-09-ST Scopedog is its customizability, which allows for many variant units. One such variation is the ATM-09-LC Light Scopedog, created by Chirico Cuvie and Bouleuse Gotho. Designed for a Battling match against the Balarant B-ATH-XX Ecrevisse "Danger Melon", Chirico has stripped down the Scopedog's armor and replaced its left arm to increase its speed and maneuverability. Featuring Chirico's distinct Red Shoulder mark, the Light Scopedog loses an arm punch and is slightly more vulnerable to attack, but the increase in speed is necessary to fight the Balarant's experimental Perfect Soldier, Radaa Niva.

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