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Devilman Lady
Devilman Lady
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Fudo Jun




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Jun's alter ego, Devil Lady is the exact opposite of Jun. She is loud, violent, and temperamental. Her unforgiving and aggressive nature tends to make all of her battles very graphic. As Devil Lady all of her senses are greatly increased and she has night vision. Her ability to heal is also highly amplified, bordering on regeneration. Her strength allows her to bend and twist steel girders, without struggle. She is able to fly via large wings that unfold from her back. She can generate high voltage electric currents to destroy her enemies instantly and form blades of energy around her arms or elbows to neatly slice through almost anything. Her most powerful ability is the giga-effect, which allows her to become a giant and fight other devil-beasts that has grown immensely. Aside from the way she can retain her human conscious, her giga-effect ability is what many people and devil-beasts alike are after.

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Import from Japan

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