The Alliance AliveThe Alliance Alive

The Alliance Alive
The Alliance Alive
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The Alliance Alive - Robbins - Rubber Keychain - Robbins Keychain (FuRyu)


The Alliance Alive - Nintendo 3DS Game (FuRyu)The Alliance Alive - Nintendo Switch Game - HD Remastered (Cattle Call, FuRyu)The Alliance Alive - PlayStation 4 Game - HD Remastered (Cattle Call, FuRyu)

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The Alliance Alive is a a “new classic RPG,” or a title that approaches the classic RPG elements and rebuilds them with the latest technology. The story depicts the efforts of humans who go against that authority of the Asmodians that have ruled over the world for several thundreds of years. It is set in a world divided into several zones that have formed unique cultures. Players control the protagonists and move about a field map, and battles begin when an enemy symbol is encountered. There are nine main characters total, who are all protagonists, and start their journeys with different goals, before long converging into a single objective.
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