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Katsuki YuuriKatsuki Yuuri

Katsuki Yuuri
Katsuki Yuuri
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勝生 勇利




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With a very sensitive heart, and easily getting fat. A figure skater who has the most fragile heart made from glass. His favorite food is katsudon, 900cal!...

Especially trained and enforced figure skate player. His skating style has a unique rhythm, and his strength is one and only stepping! But he is very sensitive to the pressure, and always loses in the important games... It is already the fifth season as a senior skater.
Moving from his home, he belonged to a skating club in Detroit, but he suffered a crushing defeat in his first Grand Prix Final, and he graduated from the university. So 5 years later he returns back to his hometown, Hasetsu-Cho, Kyushu.
He bets everything into the last season which he is challenging against standing on an edge of a cliff!
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