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Your Bridge to Deals in the Islands of the Rising Sun.


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Popotan is a Japanese adult visual novel developed by Petit Ferret with character designs by Akio Watanabe under the alias Poyoyon♡Rock. It was originally released as a PC game for CD-ROM on December 13, 2002 and subsequently re-released on DVD-ROM and for the PlayStation 2 with certain scenes removed. Petite Ferret also produced a fan disc shortly before the DVD-ROM re-release.

The gameplay in Popotan follows a semi-predetermined plot; major events are the same, but personal storylines can diverge from the player's choices. The game focuses on protagonist Chris, a drifter who meets three girls and their maid in a mansion near the ruins of Tokyo in the distant future. The player's goal is to make available sexual scenes and images that the player can view or replay at any time depicting the protagonist having sexual intercourse with one of the girls. The player can pursue other girls once they've finished one of the sisters' storylines.

The title Popotan is meant to reflect the prominence of dandelions, spelled tanpopo (たんぽぽ) in Japanese; "Popotan" is a nonsensical word, comparable to saying "liondandy" in English. It also uses the flipped "-tan" to call the dandelions by name. Popotan has been adapted to other media, including a novel series (Popotan~ Himitsu no Jumon~ Kōhen) by Sassami Yachiruda; manga series by Yūjiro Izumi; twelve episode anime directed by Shinichiro Kimura and licensed in North America by Geneon USA; radio drama (Poporaji); and several art and reference books.

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Your Bridge to Deals in the Islands of the Rising Sun.

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