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Madoka1Madoka1Vor 7 Jahren
Welcome to the Vividred Operation club!

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Favorite Vividred Operation Character

20%Futaba Aoi
30%Isshiki Akane
10%Saegusa Wakaba
10%Shinomiya Himawari
0%Isshiki Momo
0%Isshiki Kenjirou
30%Kuroki Rei
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SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
Is this club still active?
Vor 5 Jahren
Vor 7 Jahren
Stalking Loli hunter
(Also to be linked: ITEM #179990)
Vor 7 Jahren
It would be awesome if they made a set of nendoroid petits of akane, aoi, wakaba, himawari and rei. I would buy it!
Vor 7 Jahren
hipozaurus is trying her best!
@meterostormed: I think this series will have tons of figures. Akane, Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari will be x2 and Momo and Rei x1 as a figma, the same will be probably with nendos, so we already have 20 figures! Not even counting scales, we already have 1/8 unpainted Akane, I'm curious if GSC will make other girls in 1/8. MF may also make fused versions of Akane+ the rest... My wallet doesn't feel good already xD
Vor 7 Jahren
So what do you guys think about how well this series is going to get milked?

I'm rather hopeful for it myself - a transformed version and untransformed version of each girl, then each combination as well maybe. Might be cool.
Vor 7 Jahren
Check this video out.
Vor 7 Jahren
View spoilerHide spoilerRight click on image and click "Show image" to view complete imagehttp://i.imgur.com/h9Ldy3b.jpg
Vor 7 Jahren
Naked Impact won me over
Vor 7 Jahren
PVC anime figure store.




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