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BloempjeBloempjeVor 8 Jahren
Hellooo Lucky Catchers!

Ive made this club for all who want to share there Lucky Catch!

A lucky catch can be a figure which you found years later for decent price or a figure you really wanted for sale and when you bought it it was sold out. Or...?

Whats your story about your Lucky Catch?

My lucky catch is: ITEM #25107 i found her for decent price + it was an lottery exclusive, sold out years ago and there she was! I feel soooo lucky !

~To More Lucky Catches!~

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My "Holy Grail" isn't on the site so here is the blog I did of her :D

BLOG #20306
Vor 5 Jahren
Bloempje Hunting my grails
Recent lucky catches: ITEM #5110 and ITEM #31815
Vor 6 Jahren
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Well i got so many luckiy catches, it is so much fun

My recent ones are the kokonoe rin nendo for only 3770 yen incl proxy fees x3 !

But i also feel lucky i got 2 mugs from MM! For only 500 yen plus the MM! Trading figure set for only 1000 yen total :D !

So quite some lucky catches!

Got many others in the past, also one article you linked is from me finally having the rin dnowglobe and louise miko ver
Vor 6 Jahren
Luckiest catch was definitely ITEM #41779 for $60. Its head came off in shipping for the previous owner (who then got a replacement), so I picked it up from him for a song.
Vor 6 Jahren
My luckiest catches: Yomiko Readman, Alter Dizzy, Clalaclan, Kokutou Azaka, and Goddess Elwyn.
Vor 6 Jahren
Lost the release and even the re-release, with them almost all the hope... But still could take it from Mandarake thanks for another user post. I'm feeling so happy ITEM #30395 was shipped! Paid 6k on him and the store have already listed another for 11k, guess I was lucky enough to get this last affordable one :DD
Vor 7 Jahren
Bloempje Hunting my grails
this one ITEM #41552 just like ITEM #25107 a really lucky catch :d
Vor 7 Jahren
A very very rare catch ITEM #62864 . A treasure that was worth the price (Especially a huge naruto fan).
Vor 7 Jahren
Komugi from ebay : ITEM #134511
She was listed as "unknown anime figure" so there weren't much bidders and I got her for a mere $16.
And yesterday, this from AmiAmi at 58% off (it's also an exclusive figure, so I never expected one there) : ITEM #17639
It's rated B so I won't know how good of a buy it is until it arrives, but B figures are often flawless except for being dusty.

Oh, and I got some Mameshikis at 980 Jpy each (75% off) but they have been on sale for months now and they still are, so I don't consider that particularly lucky.
Vor 7 Jahren
I lucked out on a trip to Japan. Found this ITEM #74511 in a figure shop for super cheap. Knew nothing about it just liked the way it looked. Found out it's pretty hard to find. Can't part with it now.
Vor 7 Jahren
Import from Japan