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Figure Site and Shop Forum
Hi I started this club so that people could discuss the shops and sites they use to buy figures. Please add a new discussion for the shop/site you want to talk about since it will make it easier for other people to find information on this shop/site in the future.

Please leave appropriate feedback for stores here:

MFC Shops Feedback & Rating Pages
This club is dedicated to web based anime/figure ...ect shops for physical ("brick and mortar") stores please visit Local Shopping Guides

Update: We are updating/editing all first posts on threads to provide more uniform/detailed information on each entry featured and removing the poll section as feedback can now be left for each shop in our MFC shop section. shop
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Levana (Vor 1 Tag) #34684093
To join the club, click on the arrow button on the right of the header "Figure site and shop forum." Anything related to shops, needs to go its respective forum thread. For Mykombini: thread/10469
Welcome to the club.
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Hello! I am french, 33 years old, i would like to join this club if possible. I love anime's figure too, i buy them from japan website. I often use myfigurecollection to find my future figures but now i would like to join the club to discuss a little. I would like to ask few question about mykombini but i need to be a member of the club to do that.
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Hello, I have a few things I want to talk about with this club! I was wondering how to join? I don't see the Join the Club button...qwq

Edit: nvm!!
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lightningmaid 不思議な
I'm looking for a shop to buy 2 magazines from Montly Comic Alive from. I found them on CDjapan, but according to them 2 magazines are over 3kg. So shipping is way overpriced. Any other sites that sell magazines besides CDjapan and Amazon JP?
Vor 1 Monat
MonkeyDSnow (Vor 2 Monaten) #31629541Terrible experience with E2046. Anyone used them before?
I've made a couple orders from them, didn't run into any real issues. Their shipping rates seem pretty high and at the times I made my orders there was no combined shipping discount. That might be different now with their "consolidated shipping" option. At any rate the total per-figure cost is high enough that it seems made specifically to make up for their frequent sales.

But I also made my orders with a healthy bit of suspicion since they obviously make a fair bit of their profits making and selling counterfeit unassembled/unpainted kits, which sort've automatically makes them a bit shady. Still, it's a way of getting figures which otherwise aren't available through legit channels.

I've heard GK Model has better quality castings for their knock-offs. I've never had any dealings with them though. For some reason they have two separate storefronts for English and Chinese (URLs removed...realized after posting this I probably shouldn't link to stores selling fakes!)
Vor 1 Monat
Has anyone ever heard of or purchased anything from this site?


I happened across it while searching for a figure that came out a few years ago so is somewhat hard to find now. It is a good deal on it, but not so much so that I would doubt its authenticity. Anyway, this shop was not listed in the shop feedback/rating section here, so wanted to ask if anyone had ever heard of it or purchased from there and how their experience went.

Vor 2 Monaten
Terrible experience with E2046. Anyone used them before?

I bought one in stocks and two predorders from them recently. The one in stock took 2 months to arrive and came in broken pieces, mainly bows on her clothes and hair strands. I contacted them and basically was told that "minimal" damage like that is common and I should just suck it up and hot glue it myself. Or they say they can take it back and fix it if I pay return shipping and another round of shipping to myself again. And the process would take 3 months. I asked how will they fix it. They said hot glue....

This is completely absurd. I received a broken figure and they won't replace or refund. So I filed a dispute with Paypal (thanks god I used Paypal to purchase) and it is currently under review. Today I logged into E2046 to find my account frozen and banned from buying anything and my 2 predorders have been cancelled without receiving back any refunds for the cancellation either. It shows as cash coupon that have issued for cancellation but withdrawn from my account seconds after that.

TL;DR: E2046 sent me a broken figure told me to suck it up and now stole all my money from preorders. I wonder if anyone has anything like that happened to them or has had bad experience with E2046 before.
Vor 2 Monaten
It will be my selling page.
If you are interested in Japanese, please look into it.
Also, please feel free to PM if there is something you want to buy.

my shop

my メルカリ
Vor 2 Monaten
calias (Vor 3 Monaten) #31072887So I want to order from alicebooks and the items I want have international shipping available.
For anyone who's ordered from them, how is their track record for shipping items internationally? Can I safely use SAL or should I shell out extra for EMS to be cautious?

Didn't get an answer, but I ordered from alicebooks anyway since I really wanted this doujin. I'll give a review for anyone thinking of buying from them.

You can only pay with a card, no paypal accepted. My least favorite part is that there's 2 shipping options: Unregistered SAL and EMS. I went for SAL and my items arrived exactly in a week with no damage. Even without tracking, they are still reliable in terms of packaging and getting the items to their destination. Plus, using the site was very easy.

While I had a good experience with alicebooks, I would still recommend other sites before them because of the lack of shipping and payment options. I hope this mini-review was helpful.
Vor 3 Monaten
Heavenly_Otaku (Vor 3 Monaten) #31073852www.bandai.co.j...
Thank you so much.
Vor 3 Monaten
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