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Demon boys!
sakuniasakuniaVor 9 Jahren
Do you love them as much as me?

do your favorite characters consists of many demons?
is it because of their freakiness? their looks?

then join the club! >)


if there are demons I didn't list..please notify me!
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I seriously love demon boys at the moment >;D
Vor 8 Jahren
@Sakunia I think your club picture got suspended D: want me to whip up a demon profile club pic? have to draw something chibi-ish tho to fit everyone! I did an art concept for Nendo Rin Okumura: PICTURE #416366
Vor 8 Jahren
hehe I added them now saru!


hmmmmmm I don't know if its safe to count vampires into this club D8; (there is a vampire club I think?) I don't want to cause too much confusion if I do add vampires.
even though I do love Vincent Valentine *u*

maybe I should make a supernatural club also?

that's okay! thats happened to me too with other clubs XD
Vor 9 Jahren
Jofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
why didn't I find this club sooner -_-'
Vor 9 Jahren
Oh hoho, I love this club for their demon boys <3
OMG! Does Vincent Valentine (FF7) counted as a demon, CAN vampires be counted?! they are demon-like? <3 Also how about Black Blood brothers like Mochizuki Jirou

Still thinking up more *_* I think Inga (from Un-Go) is a demon but have to clarify first.
Vor 9 Jahren
SaRu image not found
lol you forgot the characters from Nurarihyon no Mago :P
Vor 9 Jahren
thanks guys!
I've added them all! <3

Ima go hunting for more demons since I know I'm forgeting more XD;
Vor 9 Jahren
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Arawn ENCYCLOPEDIA #3458 the Great Demon King in 'Tears to Tiara' ( 'u') <3
Vor 9 Jahren
oh-keisuke ☆*Pancake Massacre*☆
Awesome! Joined~

How about the devil may cry series, you know like Vergil ENCYCLOPEDIA #4202 and Dante ENCYCLOPEDIA #2931?
Vor 9 Jahren
TaralenYu Yu Hakusho is full of demon boys. ENCYCLOPEDIA #70
The most popular ones are these three though:

ENCYCLOPEDIA #3148 and his demon persona ENCYCLOPEDIA #3149


omg how can I forget yu yu hakusho!

thanks for telling me! I added them! 8)
Vor 9 Jahren