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Misa-chanMisa-chanVor 9 Jahren
For all those who love the Star Ocean Games and think that there should be more Figures of them :D

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Hi all! I recently took some pictures of my SO2 & SO3 figures from the old Radiata Stories and Star Ocean trading arts just to fill some gaps in the database here on MFC. It was a cloudy day so they aren't the best pictures but hope it helps :)
Vor 6 Jahren
Aaaaand another one from Star Ocean, this time, Roger! BLOG #10095

I think that's it for Star Ocean reviews for now, I hope this helped some Star Ocean-fans that are thinking of getting these figures! :)
Vor 7 Jahren
I just finished a review from a figure from Star Ocean, maybe it helps the fans: BLOG #9586 :)
Vor 7 Jahren
Up to now I wanna welcome all People that joined my humble club ^^

@ gemelli: Thank you for sharing your feelings with me it really...REALLY sucks that they didn´t make a Figure of Albel -.- Like of NEL they make one but not him?! WTF?!

I´m on the way of making my own Albel...at least as a Nendo for now XP
Vor 8 Jahren
Misa-chanHi to all that will join the club probably sooner or later :D Glat to see other Star Ocean Fans out there :3

Maybe you share my oppinion if I say that we need many moren male SO Figures I´ve been like begging, praying and cursing all about them making an Albel Nox Figure but it never happened D: Who knows...

So feel free to speak, envy, adore etc. everything you like here in this club ^^

Similar reaction to the lack of an Albel figure here. :(
Vor 9 Jahren
Cool that there are already 12 People here who seem to love some Star Ocean too ^o^

SO Fans always welcome :3
Vor 9 Jahren
Awwwww X3 totally cute <3 :3 Love him ^o^
Vor 9 Jahren
Link to my Deviantart page. He was the first thing I put up on that account, hope you like him.
Vor 9 Jahren
Could you make a Pic of him? I´d really like to see him no matter if he is your first or not ^o^
Vor 9 Jahren
Yeah, but only because he was my first doll and I had no idea what I was doing. I hope to remake him sometime considering I've gotten better since then.
Vor 9 Jahren