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  • Disliked Mari at first.... but not anymore since the manga ended.
    That chapter totally saved the character from continuous hatred.
    Vor 4 Jahren
    I usually strongly dislike characters that they shoehorn into the movie versions of tv shows. But Mari works for me on so many levels:

    Megane? Check
    Twin Tails? Double Check
    Voiced by Maaya Sakamoto (Who also does the atarashi Motoko Kusanagi)? Check
    The Beast? Check
    Weird pink uniform that I should hate but love instead? Check
    Do I own three of her 1/6 max factory figures? Triple Check!

    Vor 5 Jahren
    haven't even watched the anime but definitely interested in her


    oh i'm in love
    Vor 5 Jahren
    My favorite anime charachter :D
    Vor 5 Jahren
    maximimon The New Shadow Emperor
    oh yes i love Mari a must join club for me !! ^^
    Vor 9 Jahren
    Revoltech green Mari up for pre order:
    Vor 10 Jahren
    Meza likey when I saw her in the Revoltech Series and bought one... she is so Awesome to pose even with two Knifes from my 1/100 Strike Gundam... Maybe the cause of me liking her was those... Megane!

    And here's Mari... With Machine Gun & Bazooka -> PICTURE #101193
    Vor 10 Jahren

    Pics of the unit 05 plugsuit revoltech.
    and use the helmet comes off. woot.

    Looks like there are 2 different helmets, too. Awesome.
    Vor 10 Jahren

    Pics of the unit 05 plugsuit revoltech.
    and use the helmet comes off. woot.
    Vor 10 Jahren
    Fell in love with Mari since the teaser trailer for 2.0. I can't wait for the figma to come out!
    Vor 10 Jahren
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