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xxMireillexxxxMireillexxVor 10 Jahren
Hello everybody ^^

This Club is for all the "Ichigo Mashimaro" Fans outside in this world.
If you like this Anime/Manga as much as we do, than you´re exactly right here!!!
Come and join us!


Ichigo Mashimaro tells the story of 4 friends Chika, Miu, Matsuri, and later Ana-chan. The only person in this anime how is over 12, is Nobue Itoh, the 16-year-old elder sister of Chika. She should really take the role of the watcher. Instead, she plays and romps with the girls, with all it's worth. Together, the 5 girls have a lot of adventures in a very cute way!


More is Coming Soon.....

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Ichigo Mashimaro was my third Anime i watched and it was fluke that i fond it.
I was looking for a japanese SMS-Tone and found Miu's Charactersong on youtube and so i found Ichigo Mashimaro. :)

I like this Anime because it was kawaii, funny and Miu was always full of surprises.

Have you noticed how the characters between the series, the OVAs and Encore have changed?
Vor 5 Jahren
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Anyone interested in ITEM #17792 ?
Im selling her for 6,50 but open for offers
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cute, not pedo
Vor 9 Jahren
This is the single most adorable anime I have ever seen! I think I will be able to watch this series over and over again and never get bored of it. I can't wait to get my hands on a few of the little figures! <3
Vor 10 Jahren
Recently watched this anime. Loved it! Slice of life is definitely my genre of predilection.
Vor 10 Jahren
Oh yeah... an Ichigo Mashimaro club. Now my life is complete.
Vor 10 Jahren
I swear I'm not a lolicon, but I love love love this series! So sweet, so funny, so vicious! LOL

Thanks for starting this club!
Vor 10 Jahren
In episode 11, When Ana and Nobue were washing down. Why was Ana hesitant to give Nobue the bottle of Shampoo? Then put her head looking down and then giving off a weird laugh?

This is the part I don't understand. =/
Vor 10 Jahren
do you think so?
i like her hair short ^^ looks cool.

but i know what you mean ^^
Vor 10 Jahren