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We Love Twintails!
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♥ We Love Twintails! ♥
Welcome to the club! Enjoy your stay!
So, what are twintails?
🌸 Twintails is the name of a hairstyle! 🌸
🌸 It mainly consists of two ponytails on each side of someone's head. 🌸
🌸 It can also be in the style of braids, or even more than two ponytails! 🌸
🌸 The hairstyle is usually associated with long hair, but you can wear them with any hair length! 🌸
🌸 Twintails are usually worn on girls, but anyone can wear them and be cute~! 🌸


🌸 Currently looking for mods! If you'd like to be one, PM me! (NayanMori) 🌸

🌸The character in the icon and above gif is Mitsuka Souji / Sora Metca from Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu.
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Oh you bet I'm here for this!

Can my girl ENTRY #185624 get an entry for this? Wouldn't wanna leave her out ;)
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