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Piercing Beauty
JellyoJellyoVor 2 Jahren
Beauty that can pierce your heart.

Tired of always seeing female characters on ranged duty? Or a badass weapon design only for it to be covered up? This club is dedicated to beautiful waifus and their equally beautiful (but deadly) weapons in all their unsheathed glory. Any melee weapon with a bladed or pointed edge is acceptable! Partially sheathed weapons are okay as long as the blade is visible. No cardboard swords, sorry.

I will mostly be linking scale figures that draw an emphasis on their weapons, but feel free share unlinked entries that also fit this club in the comments!
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You might get some inspiration from club "Sexy Swords" CLUB #685
Some figures in my collection (a couple of them are NSFW):
Yui Takamura ITEM #117547
Irma ITEM #137132
Rebecca ITEM #189853
Asagi Igawa ITEM #198654
Sakura Igawa ITEM #397184
Marudea ITEM #363001
and her two variants ITEM #393543 ITEM #411106
"The Bride" from Kill Bill ITEM #396502
Shelly Aeonium ITEM #549691

Plus, off the top of my head, most figures of Echidna ENTRY #1913 should have a sword, as well as Branwen ENTRY #22213
Last but not least there are Anzu ITEM #694001 and Reika ITEM #527208 from Gantz.

I'm sure there are more, but this should do for a start...

Edit 1 - partially unsheathed Katana: ITEM #465068
Edit 2 - as you've already included Scathach with her spear, ITEM #946061 should qualify too
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