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NiyumiNiyumiVor 1 Jahr
Hi, I opened this group to bring the Monster Hunter community in Europe closer together. This is Monster Hunter Creator's figure builder merchandise and the game Monster Hunter World. The exchange between them is in the foreground to get hold of rarer figures or goods.

Happy Hunting!!
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I have a few Figure Builders for sale, I'm open to reasonable haggles~! Will be shipping via PayPal shipping with tracking.

$20 each (except the Odogaron)

Black Diablos
Azure Rathalos
Pink Rathian
Odogaron (pink translucent variation) - $10
Yian Garuga

And I have small keychain/strap figures of: (all 6 of them for $16)
Najarala - $4
Urukusu/Lagombi -$4
Copper Blangonga x 2
Hapurubokka x 2
Vor 1 Jahr
I do have a bunch of figures I'm trying to sell from the Figure Builder collection, but not sure if anyone even pays attention here
Vor 1 Jahr
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